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"I have taken many steps to try to get better because I knew some of this was potentially going to come out."Stanford law professor Michele Dauber said Scoble's assertion that he did not sexually harass the women because they didn't work for him or seek financial backing from him is dubious at best."Sexual harassment is unwanted conduct of a sexual nature that includes sexual requests, touching, comments, and other kinds of unwanted conduct.

Whether or not that harassment can lead to money damages because it was either a quid pro quo or created a hostile environment can depend on whether it is sufficiently severe or pervasive and what the relationship between the parties is," Dauber said."Even if the conduct does not create legal liability it can still be harassing, and it's pathetic weak sauce to hear a man facing so many disgusting allegations to defend himself by saying 'but I don't have to pay any money for it.'"The allegations against Scoble have garnered headlines in the tech world because of his outsized influence with industry leaders.

SAN FRANCISCO — Robert Scoble, the high-tech evangelist who last week apologized for his treatment of women and resigned from his business consulting firm, says he denies sexual misconduct charges leveled against him.

He also says he's not guilty of sexual harassment because he had no power to "make or break" the careers of women who made allegations against him.

Earlier this year, HGTV also announced a "Fixer Upper" spinoff -- "Behind The Design." More on that in the video above!

None of the women who came forward were ever in a position where I could make or break their careers.The women who spoke publicly about Caldbeck said he made sexual overtures during business dealings, including conversations about funding — a persistent power dynamic that several women said pressured them into acquiescing or staying silent in the aftermath.More recently, charges that powerful producer Harvey Weinstein for years sexually harassed women in Hollywood, leveraging his ability to make careers, has sparked a new national conversations about why such behavior can go unchecked. 21) Olympic gold medalist Mc Kayla Maroney was forced to sign a confidential settlement with the group that trains US Olympic gymnasts to keep allegations that doctor Larry Nasser sexually abused her a secret, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday. 21) Kentucky State Representative Dan Johnson was found with a single gunshot wound to the head days after he was accused of molesting a teenage member his congregation.Thousands of women are identifying themselves as victims of sexual harassment or assault following a call to action propelled by Alyssa Milano in the wake of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein's downfall over of allegations of sexual misconduct. 17) Stories of sexual harassment and gender hostility are coming to light at a hearing on preventing sexual harassment on Capitol Hill.GOP congresswoman, Barbara Comstock, says she was told that a member of Congress exposed himself to a staffer. 14) An Alabama woman, Beverly Young Nelson, is now the fifth woman to accuse Roy Moore of sexual assault.

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